When I met Vicky and Bill for their photos in Canyon, I could tell they were a little nervous. Bill mentioned that they hadn't had ever had portraits like this done before. It was their daughter, a long time friend and client who had booked their session and set everything up! As we wandered around the Canyon Square and grabbed these shots, their love story unfolded. They had met when they were both attending college in Canyon, and have been married ever since. Bill asked me if we could shoot inside the Soda Shoppe and I was so excited to follow along as they ordered some cokes and proceeded to be unbearably cute. After 53 years of marriage, they were still holding hands and sharing a straw! I have to admit, it had me reflecting on my own dating life... I'm still looking for the "one" but I came to realize if it's not a love like this, I don't want it!