What can I say about the Stegers? They are such a beautiful family. Liliana is one of my best friends, and I remember the moment we reconnected several years ago. We met at some point in Junior College, (neither of us can really remember how) and were in the same circles of friends for years. I witnessed her form a relationship with Kyler, and have really watched that grow into one of the sweetest and truest love stories. But in 2016 I remember making a social media post about feeling lonely and not having many friends who are women. She sent me a message expressing the same thing, and I think we both decided then to make the effort with one another! Ever since, I have been to her children's birthday parties, baby showers, and visited her in the hospital after her second child was born. Unfortunately with the arrival of the newest being in the middle of a pandemic, I haven't been able to visit as much.

I've had the joy of photographing them throughout the years but I think this session is my absolute favorite.