Before I got really busy with actual client sessions this summer, I decided I needed to start doing more creative portfolio work. Incase you don't know what that involves, it's basically just where you choose the details of the session (like the model, the setting, the outfits, the jewelry, the time of day, etc.) I mean yes, as photographers, we assist our clients in these things already, but sometimes there are elements outside of our control. So basically, I follow a million talented and boundlessly creative photographers on all platforms, and I kept seeing them shoot models in beautiful landscapes with water and these epic flowy dresses. I am a fan of all things flowy and romantic. And who doesn't love expansive, majestic landscapes? Most of these photographers I drool over are based in Utah, and having been there once, I am quite aware that there is no shortage of jaw dropping scenery. Here in the Texas Panhandle, it's a little harder to find those places, but they do exist. One obvious choice is Palo Duro Canyon! And I knew it had some little creeks you could access, too.

But then there was the dilemma of finding someone willing to spend an entire evening with me in the summer heat, and traipse through murky waters in a dress. Turns out it's not that hard!!! I'm slowly learning that all you need to do is ask. I mean seriously, with most things, just ask! You will be pleasantly surprised by the answer more often than not. I stumbled upon Selina through suggested contacts on Instagram. I just saw her profile photo and thought "Wow, what a gorgeous, confident girl! She would be perfect for this golden hour water shoot I'm forming in my head." So I shot her a quick message, to which she replied "I'd love that! Yes absolutely!"

This ended up being one of the easiest sessions ever - but also one of the most fun. And not only do I have some beautiful golden hour creek images for my portfolio, but I have a new friend as well!