Nicole contacted me through Instagram about a week ago wondering if I could shoot a proposal - her sister Michelle, and her boyfriend Quinn were getting engaged! I checked my calendar really quickly because I've always wanted to take proposal photos, and was super excited to see that I was free that day. I think anyone who REALLY knows me, knows I am a hopeless romantic. That probably goes without saying, seeing how I have a giant Titanic poster above my bed.

So we booked the shoot, planned all the details, and I spent the next few days telling anyone who would listen how I was going to take surprise proposal pictures at Six Car! Fast forward to this Friday - I arrived on the patio of one of Amarillo's coolest local restaurants and honestly got butterflies in my own stomach when I saw the marquee letters set up spelling "Marry Me" for everyone to see! Have I mentioned that I LOVE love?!?!

Everything after that happened so fast. The beautiful couple arrived, looking happy, excited, nervous, and just altogether cute. The moment Michelle stepped out of those glass doors, she had the biggest smile on her face, only matched by the one on Quinn's! I was crossing my fingers that I didn't miss a single second of what was about to happen... the biggest event to date of this couple's relationship. When Quinn stood back up, and put the ring on Michelle's shaky hand, it was just such a happy moment. Her family came flooding out from where they were all hiding and hugged anyone in sight!

This is why I love photography. This is why I work so hard at it. It's not everyday that you get to witness events like these. Without this job (this passion), I would've been sitting at home, probably watching too many episodes of Kim's Convenience Store. But instead, I was hired and trusted to capture this perfect, life changing occasion in Michelle, Quinn, and their families' lives.

CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!