I met Landon and Chris for the first time at their session, but I've known Landon's family for years! His mom booked photos for all 4 of her kids' families this season with me. I was excited when they mentioned Cadillac Ranch, because I've actually never shot portraits there before. But being an Art major in college, I am very familiar with the local art installation site! It was created by a group of artists in the 70s who called themselves The Ant Farm. Most people know that it was infamously commissioned by Stanley Marsh 3, but its presence and meaning in Amarillo goes far beyond that! In its original state, the cars were buried nose down to give tribute to the evolution of the Cadillac tailfin. Over time, people began to deface the cars and it eventually became an interactive site, where people are encouraged to spray paint them. If you're ever in Amarillo, stop along Route 66 and visit our little piece of art history!