J'lee and Isaiah wanted a pretty field for their engagement photos, so naturally I chose the never-before-used spot I'd been eyeing by the Walmart near my house. Thankfully the odd location didn't throw them off, and they trusted my vision! If you're a photographer you're probably always craning your neck like me looking for locations while you drive. It's caused me to miss my turn many times, but I'm forever picturing my next session and how I could turn that random alley into an interesting backdrop! And just as I had imagined, this area did not disappoint with the beautiful green trees and golden hour sun flooding in. I was also really excited when J'lee showed up in a green dress - A. because it's my favorite color and B. because I had a hunch it would look really dreamy in this setting. Long story short, I may have found a hidden gem (even if it IS next to Walmart and unfortunately littered with cups and sacks), and my photographer heart is so excited to share this gorgeous session!