What to Wear:

This is a Spring themed mini session in front of a white brick wall. Bright Spring colors like pink, yellow, and green will look great - or go with neutrals for a more year round look. I always think that long flowy dresses look beautiful, but most importantly wear what makes you feel comfortable! Think about coordinating the kids' outfits with yours. Matching outfits could be really cute too. And remember that the kids will feel better if they are comfortable also. Try to stay away from too many contrasting patterns, and no logos or graphics on tees!

Managing Expectations:

These photos are meant to be playful and fun! We will try to get one or two of everyone looking at the camera, but it's just not realistic to expect kids to do that the entire time. I'm aiming to capture real interactions between you and your children! Hugs, kisses, games, and interaction is all encouraged. Instead of warning them that they have to "behave, and smile for the camera", you might tell them that you're going to meet a new friend (or Ms. Caitie for those that already know me) and you're going to get to play and have fun! It's never a bad idea to bring some snacks as incentive too. (Just make sure its something like crackers, and not candy that will stain their mouths or create sticky hands!) If your child likes reading books with you, why not bring their favorite book to read in the photos?! Just keep in mind this will be very quick, and may feel a little chaotic but as long as you are happy, your children will pick up on your mood. Stress free is the way to be!

About the Location

We will be shooting these photos in a small parking lot area downtown, near Polk Street. It will be the most helpful if you and your children stay in your car until I am ready for your session. This is a public location, and we want to try and be discreet. They will be in 15 minute increments, so there may be a little overlap but I don't expect to keep anyone waiting too long. I will need you to sign a release form at the beginning of your session. The X in the photo below shows the exact location. You should be able to park along 9th. I've attached photos of the parking lot and brick wall.

Receiving Your Gallery

You will receive your online gallery of 10 images within 3-4 days of your session. I will send them to an email you provide on the release form. You will need to download them to a computer first because they are high resolution files. You have printing rights, but the images remain my copyright and must not be altered in any way when you share them.

I'm looking forward to these fun mini sessions, and can't wait to capture some priceless photos of you and your littles! See you soon!

-Caitie Quezada