I took an impromptu trip this past week to OKC for a few days to meet my friend Ben, and of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot some portraits of him! Ben drove over 500 miles from Kentucky, and I drove about 300 to meet in a somewhat central location. What makes this story cool is that we originally met in London! We were both on a 10 day tour of Europe with EF Go Ahead tours. I met a lot of really awesome people on that trip, but Ben and I instantly hit it off and spent much of our time off exploring together. We hadn't had the chance to meet back up the last two years, so I was excited to travel again with a friend who loves traveling just as much (if not way more) than I do!

And Ben is also a photographer! He is amazing at it, and even took a trip to Scotland in 2019 to explore shooting with Sony. He shares some of his work via Instagram at @benjamin_pyror

I keep trying to get him to start a travel blog, but I think he prefers just doing it for fun!

A few things about Ben... He owns a tiny home that he designed himself. He's really good at accruing points to be used toward travel and other cool stuff. And he's one of the nicest, most thoughtful guys I know. He very kindly held my jacket while we explored the botanical gardens and let me drag him to all the artsy places I wanted to visit!

If you're ever questioning whether you should travel with a tour group, I say go for it 100%! I have met some of the coolest friends that way, and have had the opportunity to travel with them on other occasions too, for which I am very grateful!